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Welcome to our May exhibit featuring the dynamic and spiritually infused artworks of Margot Harper. Raised in the Umpqua Valley, Margot's deep connection to the outdoors is masterfully reflected in her creations, from intricate depictions of flora and fauna to bold abstract pieces. Explore the textural landscapes of her paintings this month, each a testament to her evolving style and artistic journey.

Margot Harper, a native of the Umpqua Valley, channels her profound bond with nature into every piece of her artwork. Margot’s approach combines acrylics with epoxy resin, creating captivating textural contrasts that enhance the visual depth of her pieces. Her artwork, ranging from detailed natural scenes to abstract explorations, embodies her spiritual connection to the Pacific Northwest. Margot’s innovative use of diverse mediums invites viewers to a multi-sensory experience of her ever-evolving artistic expression. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Margot Harper’s stunning exhibit at our gallery this month, where the essence of the outdoors is transformed into extraordinary art.

Available for purchase!

Don't miss the chance to explore other selected art from Margot Harper that is available for purchase in our new downtown gallery exhibit and her online shop.