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Portrait image close-up of artist Dan Redlin's smiling face.

I grew up in a small farming town in Minnesota where I found my inner artistry. I wasn’t good in school; I was shy and didn’t have many friends. The only thing that saved me was art. I was good at it and got good grades. I had a wonderful, but quirky art teacher who always introduced us to new materials and projects. I was happy and thrived in this environment, relating well to my fellow artists. I guess we all felt different.


My father never supported my art as a way of making a living. He was very conservative and traditional and believed one must get a real job; I guess he was right. After school and the military, I got a job that allowed me to get a pension. Beginning in 2002, I moved to Oregon with my best friend and husband where I immediately began making artistic connections.


Art classes in California were always full, so, I was accustomed to waiting. However, I went to check out an art class in Myrtle Creek. The teacher was a talented artist working in oils. She said to me, “Where’s your stuff?” So, I went back home and gathered my things and started to paint that day. I learned quickly and made many long-lasting friendships. I was in my element.


I went on to take classes from many talented, supportive teachers where I was stimulated by the creative environment. I met a friend in class who called me up and invited me to go to a garage sale of an artist who had passed away. There were many great things to buy and I was able to connect with more artists. A few years later, I was flattered to be invited to join an artist’s co-op. That was the beginning of a nine-year relationship with some great friends and fellow creators.


My artwork varies a lot depending on what gets me going. I like to change things up and often work on three pieces of the same subject, but on different papers, paints and methods of application. I love to experiment with color, texture and things one would not think of as art supplies. I love to work around others; it’s always fun. I have taught workshops on batik and working on vinyl paper. For me, teaching is kind of a party. I can’t believe that I am so blessed to work around so many creative and fun people; moving to Oregon has been life changing.




"Best of Show" - Pastel Society of Oregon National Juried Show/Roseburg, Oregon


"Master Pastelist" - Pastel Society of Oregon/Oakland, Oregon

"Best of Show" - Pastel Society of Oregon National Juried Show/Oakland, Oregon


Watercolor of chinese boat nearing a chinese village by artist Dan Redlin






Dan Redlin likes to work "out of the box" on his mixed media art pieces. His work shows his creative energy and attention to detail. Dan enjoys the lifelong friendships he's made through his pursuant passion of art.

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